Tuesday, 20 October 2009

motorbike fun: brake pad replace

On Sat (the 17th) I mostly changed brakepads on motorbike.


Rear ones first which really needed changing. I had felt them grate a little in past couple of weeks. When I took them off they still had a thing but full sliver of pad on them so they looked okay.

Really hard to push the  piston on the back wheel back. I opened the nipple on the caliper near the piston but that might be incorrect. Bent a clamp pushing in the piston. Sqeezed pads in and caliper on okay. Stan came when I was doing the front and we took the lid off the brake fluid resivoir. 4 pistons on front. I cleaned them with WD40 as much as possible. One side was much more gunged. Squeezed back using large mouthed pliers. Oops oil spill from resivoir into mittens.

Result seems okay. Front brakes are squeezing wheel though. Also front right mitt is just catching front brake lever a little. Might be a little tight. Back wheel is free. 

Was a wet day today. First proper wet day in ages. Rained on and slightly damp in morning. M50 to and from work.

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