Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Brother Bill new single: Welcome to the Breakdown

Brother Bill new single just being launched into the general-whatever-o-sphere. Hentertaining :)

Welcome to the Breakdown

More info and MP3 available from http://music.bcoleman.com - Brian Cowen does his utmost to save the Irish economy when someone kidnaps the Celtic Tiger.

Bill says:

The new single 'Welcome to the Breakdown' is hereby released !  What fun...

It's all about getting laid off and spending the ill-gotten-gains recording and making music.  You can buy it by clicking on the download link on the music widget you can see to the right of the screen or, if you're in ROI you can buy by texting 'music 4175' to '57501'.  Texts will cost €1.

Everyone who buys the single will get two bonus tracks.  Simply mail your receipt/pin number (depending on whether you bought by widget/sms) to adminbcolemancom and we'll send you back a download code.

As it's a somewhat recessiony kind of a tale I put together a flash video to go with the song.  It features Brian Cowen, man boobs, the invention of NAMA, a strangely Star Wars-y like Banker creature, a new Super Hero for the Times We Live In and builders arse (blink and you'll miss it).  Oh, and there's ninjas.  And a dust up - along the lines of the gunfight at the OK Corral, only the offensive weapons are hurleys and sliothars.  Those poor ninjas didn't stand a chance...

It's come out a little clunky, by virtue of the fact that I gave myself a month to figure out how to use Flash.  Not because I like putting myself under pressure or anything, it's just that's how long the free trial of Flash lasts before you have to hand over some serious wonga to Adobe for the full version.

Funk that for a game of soldiers...

Anyway, warts (and there are many, many warts) and all.  Here's the vidjo.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQPh7SBUoec

Finally, I'm doing a fair few gigs over November - full listing as follow - would be great to see you at one  :-)

2 Nov 2009      20:00     Everyman Palace Theatre Bar - The KC Sessions w/ Andy Wilson and Lynda Cullen     Cork
5 Nov 2009     20:30    Whelan’s - Upstairs - Supporting Identity Parade and Pocket Promise     Dublin
10 Nov 2009     21:00    Doyles Pub - Ruby Sessions - SINGLE LAUNCH TOUR     Dublin
11 Nov 2009     20:00    An Cruibin - Triple Headliner - Cork - SINGLE LAUNCH TOUR w/ Justin Grounds and Niamh Murphy     Cork
12 Nov 2009     21:00    Boyles - Boyles, Slane - SINGLE LAUNCH TOUR w/ Wayne O’Connor     Slane, Meath
17 Nov 2009     21:00    Downstairs in the Spirit Store - The Spirit Store - SINGLE LAUNCH TOUR     Dundalk, Louth
20 Nov 2009     20:00    Roisin Dubh - Double Headliner - SINGLE LAUNCH TOUR w/ Justin Grounds     Galway
28 Nov 2009     20:00    Academy 2 - Double Headliner - SINGLE LAUNCH TOUR w/ GDC and Alan Marshall     Dublin

That's all for now - Cheerio,

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