Sunday, 1 November 2009

Is Leopardstown Heights more important than Sandyford Hall? post

Interesting here, someone in Sandyford hall seems quite jealous of playground, MUGA, not having roads/greens dug up so much:,126
"Is Leopardstown Heights more important than Sandyford Hall?"
I don't know what they think they'll achieve with that attitude? They might have forgotten to put in lots of smileys :-) hurr. :-7 yeah. maybe not. I think any Residents Committee might get low enough support and it comes down to a few of the same people putting in time to keep up contact with council + councillors + whole of the body of residents to try and get something close to what you want. And neighbouring residents associations should be working together ... anyway ... must say something over there and find out more.
Fionnuala was talking to the people putting the playground. They're busy despite the recession thank goodness. I'm not sure how come the council had money for the playground here. Not like Irish people to realise that investing in play equipment is VERY worthwhile!


Leopardstown Heights Residents' Assoc page:
Not much on here really but related:

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