Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ladder and St. Paddy's day parade, rugby-catch in St. Paddy's park, ... and MyFairLady docs finishing

We brought our ladder to Paddy's day parade in Dublin.
Parked by canal. Bagsed a location near tree and I minded it while Fionn and kids played in park. Ladder leaning on tree proved optimum for getting amount of kids on (as well of course for height) and there were nice branches in tree to hang on to.

After parade played rugby-catch in park. Very appropriate park. St. Patrick's park with St. Patrick's well and St. Patrick's cathedral. Played catch with Daire and Jaliath and Kate and Maeve and another kid. Didn't squish any small passers-by thankfully! It was more or less catch with passing of rugby ball to anyone included.

Day of sleep in and rest for James.
Though *ahem* I've just done a few hours of Intune work.
Did finish (more or less) of My Fair Lady programme last night. Printer version ended up as 160M in size. Here is a smaller 7.7M version:  I've been up a few late nights doing that. Also scenes for figuring out when to change costume and get ready sent to everyone:
MyFairLady_Scenes.sla Scribus file.


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