Sunday, 18 September 2011

omlette, fried potatoes, daal and my first tempura.

I cooked more than usual this weekend.

There was omlette yesterday. Whew it was spicy! (using up some cute looking chillies). Lots of potatoes. Cube. Fry. Add some other veg: some leek and chilli.  Out from the pan with all. In with the egg. Back in with potato. In with sliced tomato. Finally top with cheese.  Later on cook some pasta Kate liked the omlette, Maeve ate some but not too much and Christy didn't like it.  Fionnuala and James looved it. Yum.

Today fionnuala painting hallway. Daire back from camp and Kate from GAA so warm food needed. Fried potatoes worked. Wash and slice potatoes. Blanch. Fry in oil (and remainder into oven with the sausages. Also cauliflower with cheese and beans for the dislikers of cauliflower.

This evening daal + savoury rice and tempura.

I'd never made tempura before. Slice items. Roll items in seasoned flour (and some oats). Dip in egg. Deep fat fry. Items: mango, apple, courgette, one mushroom, leek, carrot, pasta, melon. An odd collection. Using up some things that needed to be used up. Lovely light coating of batter results. I used quite a small saucepan. Fry things  ~6 at a time. Low heat on smallest ring.

Definately good fun. I still have the oil :) Other random things must be chopped and tempura'd.

At end of session oil was inclined to bubble up and froth over. Over onto the lit gas. Except I didn't let it. Torn between wanting to see an explosion of flames and self+house preservation. I do presume hot frothy veg oil would go *foom* for me quite nicely.

For Daal: chop leeks, fry in pan, add daal (green and orange today), add chilli, add garlic, daal curry spice mix, tomatoes, butter. After a bit add water and then simmer for 30 mins.

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