Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend at Roundwood House, Co. Laois.

Weekend at Roundwood House, Co. Laois.
Callan family get-together.

Loads of books.
Lots of lovely old and a bit wonky door handles.
And a poor old old piano we were allowed to open up and try and help a little.
Needs lots more work.
Keys were fallen out and down and catching on other keys.
Board + leather sandwich + keys stuck back on needed.
Replacing and fixing up the strings looks liek it could be quite hard.
And how does the tuning work?  The pegs don't really look like they turn?

Trip through the Slieve Blooms and visit bog park.

Trip up the hills and short walk.

Monicknew woods/river look close but we didn't quite get htere:,-7.555847&spn=0.116938,0.323067

Map 1 - Glenbarrow to Capard and Glendinoregan

Map 2 - Capard to Monicknew

Map 3 - Monicknew to Glendine

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