Friday, 4 April 2014

Route card for Balally Cubs Larch Hill to Hellfire and back (back via Cruagh wood and Tibradden probably)

Route/Objective: Balally Cubs Larch Hill to Hellfire and back (back via Cruagh wood and Tibradden probably)
UPDATE/report: Band of rain moving up across the country. Fell on far side of Wicklow hills from us. We saw a little mist. Warm throughout hike. Beautiful sun and blue skys at end of hike. 20 cubs and 3 scouters. Started walking @10:30. Made good time to Hellfire. Single file on road watching for cars at start. Then onto quieter roads and wood walk. Short breaks to take on water and take off coats/jumpers/leggings - cubs overheating once we started climbing. At turn to Lamberts lane we overshot a little. It's an entrance to horse stud/farm. We were sheltered all the way until the top. A bit windy and misty rain. We had lunch in the trees. Visited the Hellfire club. It was about 12:30? so we went back shorter route (same route we took over). Back at Larch Hill just before 2:30. All kids collected by 12:45.  

Date/Time: Meet 10am Sun Apr 6 2014 Larch Hill

Leg Time of Day Distance Duration Turn/go Bearing Location/Highway Lat Long

1 10:20 0.0 km 0 min START NW Larch Hill 53.254024 -6.284129

1.6 km 24 min L SSW Edmondstown Road (R116) (HAIRPIN) 53.261682 -6.297802

2.1 km 31 min R SW Cruagh Lane 53.257534 -6.300464

2.4 km 35 min R SW Lamberts Lane 53.255478 -6.303564

2.7 km 41 min R W Old Military Road (in Massey Woods) 53.254901 -6.308754

6 11:30 3.7 km 56 min L/up road S Killakee Road (R115) 53.253172 -6.320981

3.9 km 58 min R W service road - Hellfire car park 53.252107 -6.320708

8 11:45 4.5 km 68 min LUNCH LUNCH DMW Hellfire Club 53.252012 -6.330374

10 12:15 4.5 km 68 min START E DMW Hellfire Club

5.2 km 78 min L/down rd N Killakee Road (R115) 53.252107 -6.320708

5.3 km 80 min R SE DMW into Massey Wood 53.253172 -6.320981
13 13:00 7.2 km 108 min L cross rd S Cruagh Road (L8124) 53.239283 -6.31428

14 13:35 9.4 km 141 min cross road NE Pine Forest Road (R116) 53.242701 -6.295077

15 13:55 10.5 km 157 min L down rd NNW Tibradden Lane 53.2487 -6.285514

16 14:30 12.5 km 187 min FINISH FINISH Finish in Larch Hill 53.254024 -6.284129

Time with some short breaks and time for lunch.
Total Hiking time (not incl. time for breaks)


7,8 Go up Hellfire on longer but less steep forest tracks.

10,11,12 Go from Hellfire back to Larch hill by the way we came (Down, Through Massey wood, on road by fruit farm Cruagh Lane, Mutton Lane to Larch Hill) 4.5k

13 Go back through Massey wood and then back by way we came

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Larch Hill


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