Wednesday, 2 January 2008

DIary. Back to work. Fionn sick.

Fionnuala is miserably sick - got sick last night.
She wakes me up 8:30. I actually remember some of a dream!
Partly in dream I had already gotten up and gone to work so my wake up instinct was already happy and not firing.

In dream in work we must have been bought by a bank or newspaper or something like that. The few of us were in a big meeting in desks (like school/uni) in a strange place with lots of people in this new company. After a while I ask a girl something (I had been anti-social/shy) and she answers in volumes and I think Hmmm, I think she likes me/is shy too. Switch to smaller room, office shared with some others, bare desks and I'm thinking this company doesn't have use for me. I should resign. And I start thinking how to phrase resignation letter.

I get up - Maeve stirs as I look in and go past. I see laptop windows build (make -k for continue on errors) has just had errors on two binaries. MR and something else. Not too bad. Pack it up in my bag. Collect my stuff. Unwrap motorbike. Then up to Maeve. She's sleepy but we get up and dressed fine. Down for breakfast then to creche on bike. Not too cold for winter, windy. In creche we find puppy who has spent Christmas in creche. Coat off. Nappies in basket. Maeve hangs coat. Gives me puppy to bring home. Back home I put bike in, motorbike won't start. arg. battery drains while I try to start it. I had hooked up charger to rubber wire day previously DOH! Get gear on. Roll bike down hill and start.

Keep revs high all way in. Late, about 10am and quiet traffic day anyway. Wind swirling. Leaves and newspaper swirling in a few places. On N11 near Donnybrook.

Quiet in work. Gerard, David & myself. Tons of stuff to do. Start builds and tests. Don't get into anything properly.

Head home 17:20. Thankfully motorbike starts. Still windy. At home Kate comes to "Hello" and I "Hi" Fionn on couch. I cycle and collect Maeve. Lots of lights on bike. Maeve is in baby room and excellent form. Jumps up and comes out. We get coat on, find elephant, she carries folder stuffed with her art on bike seat. At home every piece is taken out and we lay it out on couch and admire.

Daire's visiting Conor O'Boyle. Bernard drops him home. Kate had just had some tea - pizza. She has more and Maeve has some too. Assumpta drops in soup. Daire has some soup and so do I. And I have salmon + mushroom. Daire goes to call on Conor next door. Girls play a bit and have a tiff after a bit. Kate plays piano. Won't let me tin whistle. Maeve (as usual) "I don't want to go to bed" (like Little Tiger). She's in her huge puffed-up floaty fairy dress. Up we go after a little, pyjamas, Maeve goes back down to get her book (successfully in huge dress) and again (successfully again) to get puppy who I had put eating the dinosaurs food in their cave (cardboard box). Charlie and Lola snow story for Maeve and the REAL red-riding hood and wolf story for Kate. (teeth and toilet before). Night to mum. ABC song, Baa baa black sheep (with Maeve, Kate & Daire starring) and Airport up in Knock song. "Night night". "Check on you in 2 minutes". "See you in morning". I call in dropping in elephant in 2 mins and Maeve is conked.

Daire comes back and plays table tennis with Conor. I go shopping. Ballyogan Dunnes nearly closed 9pm so I turn around and goto Dunnes Cornelscourt. Shop shop shop 137 euros. At home I unpack all. Daire's playing wii.

Fionnuala is cold. I get her duvet, make hot water bottle, hot whiskies for both of us.

Daire bathes his foot and we do his veruuca/warts and cuts (new one on hand from dismount from adult monkey bars in Cabinteely park). Slick of skin off and dirt underneath (cleaned out day before tcp and savlon).

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