Sunday, 6 January 2008

dsp cookbook and pumpkins

Yay! :) Paula has published latest dspsrv cookbook

We just harvested our last 3 pumpkins after christmas - they were a bit late
in the planting really and probably just got half the potential Irish sun due to location
- we had 4 for halloween but left the others as they were still very green.
We've eaten one of the latest ones and wow it was so sweet!
I'd say not 100% ripe as there was no apace inside, just pumpkin seeds packed in tight.

We've also discovered pumpkin goes very nicely in omlette.
Fry pumpkin with herb/seasoning quickly before taking out and adding to egg
(you have to add the pumpkin to the egg so it's inside the omlette and not obviously underneath).

I have to clarify one thing, I actually quite like bogs and Brenda Costigan's book too!.
So when I say "some simple bog-standard Irish recipes" I actually mean simple*** and bog-standard as in
down to earth and sensible in a very excellent way. I didn't put enough emoticons and
thought/proofreading in there!

*** simple in one way yet teeming with gazillions of twii###mendously compwex and exciting
micwo-owganisims (hopefully for a healthy bog)

### sowii!

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