Wednesday, 2 January 2008

varied diet

for my midnight-ish snack I've just had:
half an apple
pulp of one orange
hot whiskey (with zingy grated lemon peel and ginger, honey & lemon clove slice) (with Fionnuala)
piece of cajun salmon
half glass red wine
bowl of breakfast cerial (girls from this morning - medly!)
small piece of christmas cake

Yum. Leftovers. Me dustbin.


mopti said...

I'm sorry, but that separate pair of parentheses around with Fionnuala just didn't work: I still had the mental image of her* floating around in the glass with the cloves and lemon.

*whom I haven't met.

gaoithe said...

I usually prefer to be more playful and should just have had one set of parenthesis around Fionnuala and all the floating ingredients so as best to achieve puzzlement and funny mental images of the reader. Well done you managed quite well anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

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