Saturday, 1 May 2010

best bike shop Dublin

Passing on advice to a fellow worker for bike shops in Dublin. 
And today tidying up bike/storage room in house.
And raised Kate's bike's saddle.
And putting Daire's old bike up on dublinwaste.
Anyone like a blue boys bike for maybe from 6 to 10 yr old? 
And I cycled to work instead of motorbiking yesterday. Last day of Spring, lovely warm sun, chill in air, threatening to thundershower, wet road but drying and not too slippy.  Later in evening 10pm cycled down road and back up to deliver forgotten present for sleepover Daire going to.
This is a good bike shop for Dublin:
I bought my current bike off of them.
Cycleways are good to deal with and I'd trust them for buying 
They are in Dublin city centre, North side, go to top of O'Connell St. and then half way up Parnell St. to the West.
Not sure but I think they don't do 2nd hand bikes?
The cycle to work scheme is interesting, Fionn definately needs a new bike:

Other bike places in Dublin:
These people I only know from following them on facebook but they fix up and sell 2nd hand bikes and look very interesting:

Lots of bike and 2nd hand bike shops in Dublin, most would be good. I've had good experience of a few in city centre and local one here Stillorgan is also good. I have
heard once someone didn't get good service so buyer beware some shops, see if the person selling the bike is nice!
My current bike: 
A hybrid SPECIALIZED. Reading the frame: hardrock 4130 double butted CrMo.
Lovely bike, going 5+ years now, wheels and pedals are still lovely and smooth and quiet. Chain and gears are stretched at the moment (the moment === the last 2.5+ years! :) - I tend to live with fiddling the gears for a long long time). 
Fionnuala rides it alot as well. 
Has a Mountainbike tyre on back currently as last time I needed a tyre none of the bike shops close by had a street tyre of the right size.


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