Tuesday, 4 May 2010

renault grand scenic unlocking key sensor and fuses

Renault Grand Scenic 06 Ireland

For your hamusement and heludication and in the hope of my further heducationment:

Unlocking/locking using remote key stopped working all of a sudden. Any Ideas anyone? I'm eyeing suspiciously the what I presume is a radio receiver little eye/aerial visible under rear-view mirror. Shares space with the rain sensor for the auto wipers. How come there are only 2 wires going to that what I presume is the radio receiver?

Tip: if checking fuses (in glove compartment contrary to user manual for our right-hand drive, some fuses also under passenger seat (along with other treasures you thought were lost forever!)) then don't pull out the one corresponding to Coupe Con???? unless you have a radio code! :-)  And if you pull out the central-locking / window fuses you will have to teach the windows what is up and down again.


fun :)

someone else with same problem:


Need to take out radio to get serial numbers to get radio code :-7

Can we get a manual for the car? Just handbook maybe:
And that site woefully not working in firefox.

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