Wednesday, 26 May 2010

recover Fionn's mobile from badness.

I think Fionn's phone has done this a bit before.
If it is low on free memory then it gets very slow + flaky.
Drops calls, resets, ...
Need to free up memory by clearing off photos/videos/messages.

I had copied photos off it a week ago - bluetooth to laptop. But failed to delete them after copying. The delete just timedout. I manually transferred and deleted videos and reset the phone. This gave 2M free instead of about 1M. Then deleting and transferring photos wasn't going fast. Manually I copied a couple of files across but mostly ubuntu konqueror file browser window would hang/pulse for a bit then report error.  So I called my script repeatedly and it transferred a few files each time and eventually also deleted all. With a small mod. Yays.

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