Wednesday, 26 May 2010

lovely webcomics, current reading: Ctrl-Alt-Del, xkcd, Moosehead stew, Eragon, Mossflower, Herd, ...

I FINALLY caught up to where I had discovered and started Ctrl-Alt-Del webcomic half way: Now I just have to find where I left off somewhere probably a year or so after that one again and read to last or current. Very funny, laughing out loud almost sometimes. Don't like the weird cook though. No.

Others I follow now regularily (my regularity being occasional binges interspersed with sometimes months of not following). SO excellent. So clever. I want the t-shirt! Oh wait. I have two! :) - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe  So lovely. Ever so slightly madly geeky (or is that geekily mad?) indian (as in red Canadian/American) comic artist. There are hedgehogs on occasion! Alina(of Moosehead stew)'s polished comic aboutish a gang of gaming geeks.
Warren Ellis's Freakangels. Every Friday.
Like the best of what might be in 2000AD. Original.
Not safe for kids, nor is Ctrl-Alt-Del sometimes and on occasion.

We like lovely pictures and stories.

In paper form I've finished one of Daire's books - and another, Brisinger the 3rd of Eragon cycle which I've finally got. Nice. Grand. I like a good yarn. With different creatures and cultures. But mmmh the magic maybe in a way is too powerful and makes things too easy. And I don't know how the dragon puts up with being in Eragon's head the whole time as one book is enough :-P for now anyway :)

And I'm on a nice mousey tale now. Mossflower. Warrior mouses. Like the rats of Nimh + Wind & the Willows only a bit more feudal.

And there are 8 or so other books on the pile as usual.

Also reading Herd: How to Change Mass Behaviour by Harnessing Our True Nature I can't even edge in on a conversation and influence one person mostly. Sometimes I can with my kids. The younger ones! So I'm very curious how to influence people en-masse. Onward! Towards a liberal fun greener lovlier future.  Surprised the intro/other stuff pitches it as a marketing/advertising business book. Cool ideas, very thought provoking, makes sense OF course we've a huge herd instinct, he illustrates and describes this working in different ways very very well.

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