Thursday, 27 May 2010

Worst-case thinking. Hey leave those trees alone please!

Lots of good stories and poems :)

"One day, Little Red was walking in the forest to visit her Granny, when a Wolf appeared. In those dark days, large areas of our Land used to be covered by ‘forests’ that consisted of so-called ‘trees’. Trees were useless, inedible plants that provided hiding places for ‘wolfs’, nasty animals with sharp teeth, feeding on small children and their grandparents.

Had there been a registry for wolfs, Little Red would have received an early warning about the child predator around. But Little Red did not suspect anything.

–Where are you going, Little Red?
–To see my Granny.
–Why don’t you bring her some flowers? – asked the Wolf. ‘Flowers’ used to be plants causing severe allergic reactions to people."

Dun Laoghaire CoCo on our Green want to clear out trees and bushes so playground across the green is more overlooked by houses. It would make a very marginal (marginal!? none whatsoever really) difference and for now they have been persuaded them not to do it I think I hope.

And someone got loose in Dalkey quarry with a digger against the rock climbs that are there:!/group.php?gid=109450665765423 Worst-case thinking.
Interesting idea. Bruce Schneier's security newsletter is always thought-provoking/stimulating. Mmmmm, yummy, intelligent thoughts. Proper risk analysis versus headless chicken thinking (can you call a thoughtless vacum thinking?).  Apply that to DLRcoco and our trees.

Als interesting: #2 Why Aren't There More Terrorist Attacks? and #3 9/11 Made us Safer?
9/11 was so big that terrorists can't hope to impress people much unless they surpass it.

Ben Goldacre of Bad Science. Good to see the original MMR vaccine causes autisim guy is struck off. Not because of pushing the incorrect facts about the vaccine but for among other things "arranged for his son's friends to have blood samples taken from them during his birthday party". Sheesh!

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